About Us

We are a team of young enthusiasts who want to make our world better. Currently, there is a huge number of reasons for the use of spying software. One of the main reasons for this is the intention of provident parents to protect their children from a harmful or inappropriate impact on the Internet.  Another reason for the use of spying software is suspecting your spouse of cheating. If you are in the marriage or have a boyfriend or girlfriend and want to detect a cheater, spying software is a real catch for you. Among other important reasons to use spying software is controlling your employees, if you are a boss or an owner of the company. 

Our mission

We united our attempts under one strong mission – to help people choose the best spying software. Our team wants to bring transparency in the world of the spying software by helping customers to find better solutions. In order to reach this purpose, we research the contemporary market of the parental control software and demands of the customers. We aim to achieve a high-level efficiency in the purchasing process. Due to our reviews, we also provide manufacturers to improve their spying software products and customer service based upon client feedbacks.

Our history

While meeting for a cup of coffee, we started to analyze a current parental control software market since 2010 and found out that there have been multiple issues in this industry. And the main issue is that a huge amount of popular brands globally focus on the promotion of their software product but not on the demands of the customers. Therefore we decided to create a startup consisting of several professional analysts who have deep knowledge of spying software. Initially, we rented a small office and invested all our funds, skills and intention in order to help people choose really top grade monitoring software. 

From small beginnings as a young team of several professionals, we have grown into one of the biggest developing companies who obtain a leading position in the spying software analysis market. Our intention to the quality of the spying software became the main reason for the implementation of top grade analysis tools that allow us to find issues and bugs in the parental control software. 

Currently, our extended team includes around 200 reviewers, analysts, tech bloggers, testers, and so on in order to help our multiple customers deep in the exciting world of parental control software. We provide our customers with high quality independent reviews that prevent people from spontaneous purchases and disappointments in low-quality applications. 

We are the most trusted review websites for spying software. We help our customers make the right decisions based on the high quality reviews by independent analysts. Every review of our websites goes through the verification and validated by our team before the publication. 

How to choose the best spying software?

In order to choose the best spying software, you need to pay attention to several important benefits provided by manufacturers:

  • Compatibility with Android/ iOS
  • A wide range of spying features, including reviewing social networks, instant messengers, emails, the history of visited websites, receiving logs of calls, GPS tracking/ geofencing, and so on.
  • Content filtering. This is a very useful feature for parents who want to prevent their children from harmful content and communication. It allows restricting or blocking inappropriate websites that contain abusing, porn or violence content. 
  • 24/7 live customer support. This is also a very useful feature that helps customers to be provided with useful information regarding the installation and use of the application. 
  • Easy installation explained by the spying software company in details. 
  • An interactive life panel that allows controlling and blocking a target device remotely. The more features this interactive panel has the more convenient and easy use of the application is. 

In addition, some spying software companies offer their customers access scheduling. This is a very useful feature for parents who want to monitor all the activities on their child’s device, also set a schedule of the use of the applications, visiting websites, chatting via instant messengers, playing games and so on in the school time.

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