Here is how to choose high quality spyware for Android device

Today, there is a huge number of reasons for using spyware for Android, including suspecting your spouse or boyfriend/ girlfriend of cheating, a wish to protect your children from inappropriate content, or keeping up with all the activities performed by your employees. 

Before starting to choose spyware for Android, the first you need to do is to check the compatibility of spying software with OS. If you have decided to track the location of your close people or get to know whether your husband has an affair or no, you need to find out the OS of the device that belongs to your target person. The most important purpose of this guideline is to find out must have features of top grade spyware for Android. It will provide you with the best tips on how to choose the most reliable spying software for Android device that will help you expose a cheater or protect your close people from abuse or inappropriate content. 

After finding out which OS your target person uses, you can go to selecting spyware for Android. This is a really hard challenge to choose the most suitable spyware for Android among myriads of spying software on the Internet. You can choose spyware for Android from Play Market as well as purchase it on the website. 

There is a huge amount of spyware for Android that you can download for free. However, you need to understand that such a spy app doesn’t offer a full-fledged set of spying options to its customers. Using this Android spy, you won’t be able, for instance, listen to phone calls of your target person or look through all the instant messages that your husband writes to other women. Very often, free spyware for Android won’t provide you with a possibility to track a target device remotely sneakily. Among the most reputable spyware for Android, I can emphasize mSpy and Highster Mobile.

The most important features provided by spyware for Android

Let’s consider must have features of high quality spying software for Android. 

Android app offers a wide range of spying features:

  • Messages monitoring. Due to this feature, you can consume all the information that incoming and outgoing messages contain. 
  • Receiving logs of phone calls that allows getting to know everything about calls of your target person, including date, time, a list of contacts, and so on. 
  • Looking through social networks and instant messages sent and received via Viber, Skype, Facebook, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Tinder, and others. This feature is very suitable for those who want to expose a cheater because nowadays, the most popular place where people chat with their beloved is instant messages. So, it’s very easy to expose your cheating husband or wife while viewing their instant messages. 
  • Locating a target device due to the GPS tracker. This option allows determining all the whereabouts, routes, and history of visited websites by your target person. Using this feature, you can always keep up with that where your child is after classes and where your husband or wife is after work. 
  • Flipping through all the websites visited by your target person. This is also a very useful option that enables you to be aware of which hobbies your close people or children have, which content they are interested in. 
  • Keylogger. This is option allows keeping up with each keystroke provided by your target person. This is a very convenient way to supervise all the actions on the target phone. 
  • Blocking applications, websites, messengers, and so on. This option is very useful for provident parents who want to protect their children from harmful or inappropriate content. In addition, using this feature, worrying parents can restrict the use of applications and instant messages in school time. 

This is a list of common features provided by spy app for Android. However, there are other additional features provided by spying software applications. It depends on the spy app used by you. 

After choosing spyware for Android, you need to install it on the target device, log in your live panel and start monitoring a target device. There are two main types of spyware for Android. The first type needs to be installed physically on the target device. The second type doesn’t require physical access to the target device. Using the second type of applications, you can monitor a target device remotely without rooting. It’s a very convenient way to track your target person, but it provides with less number of spying features. 

You can hide an installed application on the target device, and your child or spouse won’t guess that you stalk them. In another case, you need to notify your target person that you are going to track them. 

Top notch spyware for Android

Let’s start to overview the most popular spy app for Android. Before providing you with the overview of the most popular spyware for Android, I tested more than 30 different Android applications and chose two the best ones. All of them work in the background and users don’t suspect that they are tracked by other people. 


Let’s start our list of the most reliable spyware for Android with mSpy. This is a very popular spying software with an audience with more than one millions users. It can boast of easy installation and use. In order to start using this spyware for Android, all you need is to install it on the target device. While purchasing this application, in the email, you will get an activation code. After the installation and activation, you are ready to start spying on your spouse, child, or employee via your life panel. 

In the life panel, you have access to myriads of private information of your target person, including emails, calls, instant messages, visited websites, applications, places, where your target person has been, and so on.

This spyware for Android offers its users a huge number of benefits, including monitoring social networks, viewing instant messages, parental control features, keylogger, easy installation, etc.

Android spy can be used in order to expose a cheater if you suspect your husband or wife of cheating. It will help find out with ease whether your spouse has an affair or no. In addition, this Android spy can be also used as the most reliable tool for the protection of your children from inappropriate content and communication. MSpy offers its users blocking options that help parents restrict or block visiting a list of websites, using applications, communicating via instant messages, including Facebook,  Hangouts, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Skype, and so on. 

Purchasing spyware for Android, you can choose an ultimate edition with a full-fledged set of spying options for 39, 99 $ per month or premium edition with a limited list of spying options for 29, 99 $. 

Highster Mobile

This is one more reliable spy app for Android. Nothing’s easier than to install this spyware for Android and start spying on your target person. After purchasing the application, you will receive your license key. Using it, you are able to log in an interactive panel that will allow you to look through a lot of private information about your target person. You can purchase it for 69, 99 $ without additional monthly fees. This makes it one of the cheapest spying software on the market. 

This Android spy has a lot of spying features provided by mSpy. However, its main benefit is a possibility to spy on a target device without rooting. 

Let’s consider briefly its main features:

  • Real-time GPS Tracking. This feature is very useful when you want to keep up with all the locations visited by your spouse after work or your child after school in real time. In addition, GPS tracker enables to be aware of all the previous places visited by your target person.
  • Messages monitoring that allows reading all the messages sent or received on the target device. In addition, using this feature, you can read even deleted messages. So, your cheating spouse won’t be able to hide anything from you. This will help expose a cheater very fast. 
  • Receiving call logs. Due to this option, you are able to look through all the phone call history, including outgoing, incoming, and even missed calls. The spy app allows keeping up with date, time, phone numbers, and duration of the conversations. 
  • Viewing websites. It’s a very useful feature for those who want to know all the secret hobbies of your spouse. Also, this feature is very useful for provident parents who want to prevent visiting adult content by their teen children.
  • Social media monitoring. If your spouse is a cheater, there is a huge possibility that they will communicate with their partner via instant messengers, including Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Viber, and other messengers. Also, this is a very useful feature for worrying parents who want to protect their teen children from abusing or sexting. 
  • Looking through photos. This spy app for Android enables viewing all the photos sent, received, and stored on the target device. 

Among the most important benefits of this spy app for Android, I can emphasize its affordable price, a wide range of spying features, user-friendly interface, easy installation, and use, even for beginners. 

This spy app for Android is compatible with Android 2.1 and up. 

You can also pay attention to other spyware for Android, including FlexiSPY and Howerwatch. FlexiSPY is one of the most multifunctional and strong spyware for Android. Howerwatch offers also a wide range of useful spying features that help you spy on your target person in the most reliable way. 

In conclusion, it’s hard to choose really reliable spy app on the Internet because of a huge number of options. However, among the most reliable and multifunctional spyware for Android, I can emphasize mSpy and Highster Mobile. They offer a really wide list of monitoring features, demonstrate a high level of reliability, boast of the best combination of price and quality. You can use both for detecting a cheater. In addition, mSpy offers parental control features that help you protect your child from harmful content and communication. 

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