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CocoSpy: is it a legitimate smartphone spy app, or is it a scam? 

It is entirely normal to feel a little fearful about being scammed when getting hold of software to monitor mobile devices. We won’t deny that you can embellish the terms, but the truth is that to have that kind of control, you have to hack Android or iOS, and that’s where the dangers tend to hide. 

Being in a field of action that has a somewhat shaky ethical burden, the possibilities for hackers multiply. And nowadays, there are a lot of scams hiding behind magical cell phone spying solutions, including cases where they will seek to steal your data through spyware and fake cell phone monitoring applications. 

The above are the reasons why, for the writing of this review, I decided to purchase the premium version of CocoSpy and test it for five days monitoring my Android smartphone, which leads me to assure you from the start that we are dealing with a program to spy on cell phones that is safe and legal, and that the guarantee works since I was able to recover my money shortly after unsubscribing from CocoSpy. 

In addition, there is other evidence that allows us to breathe easy about the legitimacy of CocoSpy, such as the high flow of activity recorded on the CocoSpy website itself from 2018 to the present, especially at the peak of visits and interactions on the website during 2019. 

How was my experience testing CocoSpy’s services?

In two words: simple and enjoyable! The CocoSpy installation and synchronization process is one of the easiest to complete out there, as you don’t even have to root the Android device to be monitored or jailbreak an iPhone. 

The technical details of the Android smartphone monitored with CocoSpy for this review are as follows: 

Smartphone name: Huawei P Smart.

Model number: FIG-LX1 

Operating system: Android 9. 

A sober and intuitive control panel that increases practicality. 

The user interface of this mobile spying application is a delight for those who are inclined towards intuitive and minimalistic designs. During my days of using the monitoring software, I quickly tested each of CocoSpy’s functionalities.

Except for a few moments when I purposely tapped into my smartphone’s signal to test the program’s range, CocoSpy didn’t present any error or general glitch that prevented me from monitoring the target cell phone. The fluidity in the execution of all monitoring tasks was constant, and I have no complaints regarding the performance of this cell phone spy software. 

On the other hand, something that the company could improve is the speed with which the customer service gets in touch with users. I requested advice on how to use the tool to uninstall applications installed on the spied smartphone and, although I received a response that helped me get out of the predicament I was in, it took almost two days to arrive. 

The passivity of the customer service department might not be a problem for many potential users, but it is for those who need to resolve a timely query when there may be no time to waste. 

The warranty works! 

A latent concern for many people who need to acquire the services of mobile spy software is the risk of losing money in the process. On the one hand, it is impossible to deny that choosing a paid alternative will offer more guarantees of success than selecting a free solution. But, at the same time, having the possibility to test the application without putting your budget at risk is appreciated. 

Although CocoSpy does not have a direct option to purchase a demo version at no cost, it does have a seven-day guarantee that, in case you are not convinced of the effectiveness of the mobile spy app after trying it out, will allow you to request your money back and receive it within a few days. 

CocoSpy in action: main tools and features of the Android hacking app

Although we have already covered an overview of how CocoSpy works to hack Android or iOS, you must know the main tools of the application, which will allow you to have at your disposal a much more detailed picture of its features. 

Geolocation: the geolocation function will let you know the device’s real-time location thanks to the GPS or the connection records in wifi del second networks. Additionally, you will also be able to establish bordering zones on the map to receive alerts every time the smartphone user crosses them. 

Incoming and outgoing calls: the call log will let you know all calls made and received from the target mobile, as well as calls and video calls made from WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, LINE, and Telegram, among other applications. 

App usage monitoring: this feature will offer you reports with the amount and frequency of using all the apps installed on the mobile. And, in case you opt for the Ultimate plan to intervene with an Android smartphone, you will even be able to uninstall apps remotely. 

Control over the use of applications also allows you to block access to specific software at times that you can define yourself from the CocoSpy control panel. A tool that is ideal for parents so that their children are not distracted by games and other applications at bedtime or homework time. 

SMS and Messaging Apps: as with the call log, CocoSpy gives you access to all messages sent and received from the target cell phone, including traditional SMS and messaging apps installed on the mobile, such as LINE, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, LINE, Tinder and Snapchat. 

Access to multimedia files: all downloads of photo and video files made from the target cell phone, regardless of the specific application used for communication. 

Remote locking of the device: this functionality allows you to completely lock the Android smartphone or iPhone from the CocoSpy control panel. It could be seen as an emergency wildcard to restrict the use of the mobile and prove extremely useful in case of theft of the device. 

Web search history and email log: with this feature, you can have at your fingertips an updated record of the websites visited from the monitored device, all the information that is entered to them, and the emails sent and received from the email address associated with the device. In addition to being useful for parents who want to protect their children from the dangers of the Internet, it is also practical for business owners who need to monitor the use of their employees’ corporate phones, either to verify whether low productivity rates are due to procrastination on the mobile or to prevent them from visiting pages that could put the company’s data and information at risk.  

Screenshots: although it sounds simple, remotely taking screenshots of the smartphone can be helpful in some instances. It’s a quick and instant monitoring tool to use, and it doesn’t require any additional configuration! 

Keyword keylogging on the keyboard: with this CocoSpy feature, you can set keywords that will be logged in the app’s memory and then receive alerts every time they are typed from the device.

Customer support from the CocoSpy team

One area where CocoSpy needs to improve is the speed of responses and solutions offered by its customer support team. With contact rates varying between 24 and 48 hours through communications sent directly from their website, this is undoubtedly a department that does not have speed on its side. 

This may not be a drawback for some potential application users, as long as the response eventually arrives. But, at the same time, there are emergency scenarios in which there is no time to lose, so this negative point should be evaluated in detail by each user before getting this program to spy on cell phones. 

What do CocoSpy customers think about the application? 

After reading a significant number of CocoSpy reviews written by customers of the monitoring software, I can say that the overall opinion is somewhat mixed. If we go by’s trust meter, we find 90% reliability based on over two thousand reviews.

However, the three and a half stars (out of five) that the cell phone spy app has on gives us a positive image. When we shred through the more than four hundred reviews that support the rating above, I could see that there are many negative opinions directly related to the customer support team and not towards the performance of the app itself. 

It is important to remember that, as is the case in the vast majority of markets, competition in the monitoring software industry is fierce, so it is possible that some of its competitors have implemented many of the bad ratings CocoSpy has received on the internet. 

When you are researching cell phone spy software, you have to be aware of many details, and among them is the consistency of the opinions and reviews you read on the Internet. Remember to check the reliability of the sites you visit and notice when the article has been written by someone who has tested the application for the review’s writing. 

Why would you have to resort to the help of a cell phone spy app like CocoSpy?

Given the large number of dangers to which children and teenagers are exposed daily on the Internet, it is not surprising that in our present-day the use of programs to spy on cell phones has become naturalized, and even more so when we take into account that a smartphone with a web browser and connection, in general, is capable of becoming a double-edged sword in different situations.  

Unfortunately, problems such as cyberbullying or extortion represent only the tip of the iceberg of the risks that your children may face if they engage in online communications with a malicious individual. Hence, applications for mobile tapping such as CocoSpy are an alternative to avoid any inconvenience in this area.

Besides the safety of children, what other situations would apply to use CocoSpy? 

On the other hand, we also have the scenario of company bosses dealing with low productivity by their employees during working hours and suspect that latent apathy may be a consequence of procrastination through mobile devices that the company offers to its workers. And CocoSpy can also be of use in this corporate environment. 

One thing is that you want to provide those who are part of your business with cutting-edge technological tools that allow them to perform their duties quickly and comfortably. Quite another thing is that the latter are wasting time in the office through the multiple distractions that a smartphone or a high-end tablet brings with it. 

And, although it might be more complicated to use a mobile spying application without incurring illegalities, marital conflicts also represent an essential part of users who need to hack an Android device to confirm or dismiss some personal suspicion. 

The obstacle in the latter type of situation is the requirement to inform the user of the target cell phone about monitoring software. This is a common point in most national laws regarding cell phone tapping that, if not respected, can bring negative consequences in a court of law, such as privacy-related lawsuits and harassment, among other possible scenarios.


After testing CocoSpy for five days monitoring my smartphone, and contrasting many opinions regarding the cell phone spy application, I can confirm that we are facing a legitimate and effective solution to tap a cell phone. 

It may be that the nuts and bolts that remain to be tightened in CocoSpy’s customer service department are a detail impossible to ignore for some potential users. But, at the same time, the excellent performance and usefulness of the different tools offered by this monitoring software are undeniable.

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