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The cell phone spyware market offers a wide range of products, all of which have their characteristics and differences.

In this review, we will give an overview of the Copy9 mobile surveillance program and present its advantages and disadvantages so that every user can make an informed choice.

A brief overview of Copy9

Copy9 is a cell phone monitoring software compatible with iOS and Android devices. Like its competitors, Copy9 is designed to monitor the target phone’s activities remotely and is used for parental control and corporate data monitoring. Easy to use and among the cheapest spyware, Copy9 has been on the market for over five years.

Overview of Copy9’s main features

Standard features

Track all incoming/outgoing calls

All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and logged on the online dashboard with the time and date of the calls.

Track SMS messages

Track and read all text messages (SMS, MMS) received or sent from the target device. Copy9 even allows you to read deleted SMS messages once they have been saved on the dashboard.

Locate the device geographically

Copy9 tracks the GPS location of the device. The entire travel history is saved in your dashboard and can be viewed at any time. You can also see these movements via Google Maps.

Monitor instant messaging and social networks.

This function allows you to monitor and control the activities taking place via the most popular messengers or networks such as: Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, Viber, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, Skype. Everything is recorded and uploaded to the online dashboard. Please note: this feature only works with jailbroken and rooted devices.

Monitor multimedia

All photos and videos taken and stored on the phone are accessible to you. You can see all images taken, sent, or saved. Videos and pictures are stored on your online dashboard.

Spy on all contacts

See all contacts stored in the phone’s address book. All references on the target device can be viewed.

Spy on emails and websites

Read and view sent and received emails. Also, see which websites have been visited from the target device.

Advanced features

Record calls from the device and listens to them

Copy9 allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. All recordings are encoded as MP3 files and can be listened to from your control panel. Please note this feature works – for the moment – only with Android devices.

Record the phone environment

Copy9 lets you trigger the target phone’s built-in microphone and camera to record the sounds around the device from a distance. This gives you a clear idea of the phone’s environment (school, library, cafe, park, etc.)

Spy on applications

See which applications have been installed on the target phone.


You will be able to collect keystrokes of the device, such as search phrases, messages, and other data from the monitoring device. The keylogger allows you to see everything that has been typed via the keyboard.


Copy 9 is compatible with iOS devices up to version 7.X and iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C devices. It is also compatible with Android devices.


Copy9 offers three distinct packages:

  • A Standard license at $14.30/month

Access: Only standard features

  • A Premium license at $16.90/month

Access: Standard features only + Instant messaging + Internet activity

  • A Gold license at $19.50/month

Access: All functions


It is evident that the main advantage of Copy9 is its price compared to the functions it offers. Its function/price ratio is very competitive. In addition, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Finally, Copy9 is an easy-to-use tool.


Copy9 does not have high-quality customer support for the price it offers. Indeed, the technical support response times are pretty long. Like its competitors, it does not provide support via online chat. There is also no phone number available to reach the technical support. Finally, you should know that although its price is very affordable, Copy9 can increase the cost of its licenses if you subscribe for very long periods.


Copy9 is a good compromise product, but it does not compete with the market leaders like FlexiSPY and mSpy. It offers features that cover all the bases of surveillance at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, the lack of technical support, the fact that you have to pay more to unlock the monitoring of each instant messenger (one by one), not to mention the fact that in reality, it is used for short periods if you want to take advantage of its low price, make it a good product, but one that doesn’t fall into the category of top quality products.

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