eyeZy App Review

eyeZy is the best phone tracking software with a solid case for being one of the most innovative apps out there. It scores high in all criteria that you need to have when selecting your spy cam app: feature variety, ease-of-use, and stability (which means it won’t crash).

To make things better eyezy also includes some cool new features not found anywhere else!

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert in phone tracking, eyeZy has all the tools to put your skills on full display. In this software review, we’ll examine what makes it truly unique and beneficial for any kind of user.

What is eyeZy exactly?

EyeZy, a new phone tracking app with AI features will make your enemy’s lives hell more interesting than ever before. The advanced software can turn basic spying into an art form as it provides users rich and accurate reports about their target’s activities- which is perfect for any spy worth his salt!

eyeZy understands that you want to know everything your target does, so it tracks them from the time they leave home until when they return. With its superior tracking features and cutting-edge technology engine built for performance in today’s mobile world – which also gets updated regularly – there are no surprises or hidden secrets on what can be seen by those who choose eyezy as their accessory.

EyeZy is the perfect app for parents, employees, and partners who want to keep tabs on their loved ones without breaking any bank. eyeZy only costs $3 a month which can be affordable when compared with other apps that may charge upwards of ten dollars per day or more.

The app’s wide compatibility also makes it more convenient. You can use the same on just about any iOS or Android device and there are no problems with cross-platform compatibilities to worry about.

EyeZy comes with several install modes to choose from. You can either go for a jailbreak/root or not, but either way, it’ll get you technical support throughout and even while using the app.

What features does the eyeZy app have?

eyeZy has several interesting features to offer users.

For one, you can take screenshots of any iOS or Android smart device nearby with just a click of a button. This makes it very interesting for parents who are concerned about what their children are doing on their mobile devices or want to know if they’re lying about something. There are also companies that may use eyeZy for checking what employees are up to in terms of work ethic, which is why eyeZy makes an excellent business tool as well.

Aside from this, the app will allow you to control other people’s phones hands-free through voice commands. You can call them by using the app and make use of various other services without having to touch the phone itself such as reading out loud texts and emails received, searching the web using voice commands, or activating a phone’s GPS for navigation purposes.

Does the eyeZy app compatible with iPhone and Android devices?

Yes, eyeZy is available for Apple devices that run on iOS 5 or higher and Android devices that are 4.4 KitKat or higher. The app works both with smartphones and tablets alike, so whether you’re working directly on your phone’s screen or using the device to remotely track someone else’s smartphone, eyeZy will work just fine.

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