FoneMonitor, the solution for discreetly monitoring cell phones

We often want to monitor the activity of certain mobiles, either because they belong to our underage children or because they are used professionally in a company. FoneMonitor is an app that allows you to monitor cell phones without the user knowing about them.

FoneMonitor includes many functions, from geographically locating the phone to checking calls, contacts, and SMS. It also lets you take remote screenshots, view browsing history, and limit the use of social apps such as Facebook. In other words, almost total control of the mobile.

As is logical, we have to adapt the use of FoneMonitor to the objective we are looking for. If it is a work mobile, it makes sense to check the call history to prevent it from being used personally or to control the location if it is carried by an employee who makes deliveries to follow his route.

If it is a child’s or teenager’s cell phone, we should monitor other aspects: the use of social networks and instant messaging, or the photo gallery, to check that they are not sharing something that could harm them. In addition, with FoneMonitor, you can find out if they use the cell phone at night or in class.

FoneMonitor, main functions

We are facing a complete app, which allows you to monitor almost all aspects without the user detecting it in the case of Android phones. These are the possibilities of FoneMonitor when watching a smartphone-based on Android 4.0 or higher:

  • View call history, read SMS or contact list, and record calls.
  • Locate the location using GPS.
  • View and download photos or videos, apart from taking screenshots.
  • Monitor activity on social networks and messaging apps.
  • Access web browser history and bookmarks.
  • Record keystrokes on the cell phone (keylogger).

An exciting aspect of FoneMonitor on Android is that it does not require rooting the cell phones where it is installed. Rooting is a process that gives full access to Android functions, but it is complex to perform, so with FoneMonitor, this complication is eliminated.

Regarding iOS, much of the process is done using the device’s iCloud account, Apple’s cloud storage system, which has a lot of information about the equipment.

In addition, FoneMonitor offers a demo of the functions for monitoring cell phones that allows you to see first-hand its possibilities on iPhone or Android smartphones.

FoneMonitor, prices, and options

FoneMonitor has a Premium version on Android and iPhone with the essential features and an Ultimate edition on Android, which gives complete control. It also provides 24-hour support via email and chats if we need help. Here are the prices:

  • FoneMonitor Premium for Android for $29.99/month ($39.99 for three months, $89.99 per year).
  • FoneMonitor Ultimate for Android $39.99/month ($49.99 for 3 months, $99.99 per year).
  • FoneMonitor Premium for iPhone for $39.99/month.

There are many apps designed to spy on cell phones on the Internet, but we must choose a serious and professional solution that guarantees results. And, of course, respect users’ privacy, depending on whether we want to monitor a business mobile or control what our children do.FoneMonitor is a simple to use, reliable and affordable alternative. If you need to monitor third-party mobiles for any justified reason, with FoneMonitor, it is possible to keep complete control of the activity on Android smartphones or iPhone.

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