Most users believe that Highster Mobile is an excellent cell phone spying app; others believe that it is a good application although not one of the best to download.

So we wondered what are actually the basic and advanced features of Highster Mobile Software that you can validly use?

To answer this question, it is essential first to understand how it works and which operating systems are compatible with the app.

Once Highster Mobile installs, one must investigate what basic and advanced features offer to understand if the user can spy on the mobile device.

In this guide, we propose to analyze the main functionalities of Highster Mobile and understand which subjects can make wise use of it to spy on other people’s devices.


Given the fierce competition in the spy app industry, it’s fair to wonder if Highster Mobile is a wrong choice or a product in line with competitors’ offerings, a complete list of which can found here.

We see that among the main complaints about this app is the lack of geo-fencing.

The consequences of a lack of geofencing would be that parents would not exercise parental control.

Generally speaking, Highster Mobile helps parents to sleep soundly every night: the monitoring application, compared to products offered by competitors in the spyware industry, does not show any lag (LAG) and is complete in terms of basic and advanced functionalities that a parent might want to use to spy on his or her child’s mobile.

The accusations of lack of this functionality are entirely unfounded: most probably, the opinion released by people inexperienced and incapable of the proper use of the Highster Mobile app.


Another category of users that might consider installing Highster Mobile Software on their electronic devices such as cell phones is employers that might need to monitor their employees’ cell phones.

In fact, Highster Mobile supports the business world in recording all activities that can perform by a company cell phone or smartphone: phone calls, text messages, photos, GPS geolocation, browsing history, contacts, app usage, etc.

All you need to do is to install the app on the phone properly you want to monitor. Once installed, the Employer will be able to view all activities performed on the company phone at any time, remotely and through a secure online portal.


In order to provide an excellent full Review, it is good to have a complete overview of the main features that you can use after installing the Highster Mobile app on your electronic device.

Recording of all calls

Highster Mobile monitors and records all calls received and made from the phone; you can view details such as phone numbers and names of contacts that the device has communicated with. In addition, all logs of calls made or received can be viewed on the portal that can be accessed from anywhere via an Internet connection.

Recording of all messages

Highster Mobile records all text messages sent and received on the phone with details of date, time, and contact numbers, including deleted text messages.

GPS tracking

GPS technology allows you to see where your device is at a given time and allows you to view the current GPS location on a map.

Live Control Panel

The app runs in the background and allows you to collect information directly from your phone: you can monitor all activities in real-time through the Live Control Panel. Moreover, you can access it from any web browser (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

Stealth Camera

This is a new feature that offers users the ability to send a silent remote command to the “spied” phone to take a quick picture of the surrounding area and environment in which it locates. The image is uploaded to the Control Panel for viewing and can also download for later viewing. The Stealth Camera feature works with both front and rear cameras.

Monitoring your navigation history

You can see all your browsing activity on the Internet, so you know which sites you visit the most.

Social media monitoring

You can monitor the instant messages sent and received on your phone via WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype. Note that this feature requires rooting your Android phone.

Record all Messages and Emails

Keeps track of iMessages sent and received via the target iPhone and all Emails sent and received.


This excellent application is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android cell phones; compatibility is high as you can see from the list below:

  • Android 2.1 and following system. It has full-on both rooted and unrooted devices.
  • iOS No jailbreak version
  • iOS jailbreak version: iOS 6 – 8.1.4.

You can install the app quickly: 2/3 minutes at most.

In general, as you may have understood from the Review, Highster Mobile is a good spy app and absolutely competitive with other apps on the market. No risk of disappointment.

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