Hoverwatch is spyware that allows you to monitor a phone remotely. This software is quite common and mainly used by parents who want to know what their children are doing on the phone or by employers who wish to protect their business data. Howerwatch presents itself as a phone tracker that automatically records call history, contact information, calendar details, SMS, camera, and social network activities. Hoverwatch spy software works with Android and iPhone mobile devices (via iOS) as well as Mac and Windows PCs. In order to help you decide, we have tested the Hoverwatch software for you. In this article, you will discover our detailed review of the Hoverwatch spy software.


Don’t be mistaken, the Hoverwatch spy software is not entirely free, as some websites indicate. In fact, to gain downloads, several online sites offer a free version of Hoverwatch spy software. In fact, they offer you the trial version of the software in just a few days. You will then receive a message that notifies you that you have to pay for the spy software to continue using it. So if you are looking for completely free spy software for parental control or remote spying, Hoverwatch spy software is not the one for you.

hoverwatch price

Hoverwatch pricing

Despite this, you still have the opportunity to test the free version to see if the monitoring program is right for you or not. Ensure you have created a Hoverwatch account on their official website before installing the spy software on the phone you want to spy on. During the installation, you will ask to approve the terms of use of the software, fill in your information and choose whether or not to put an icon on the target phone. If you don’t want the phone owner to see and uninstall the application, you should place Hoverwatch in the background of the phone. You can then use Hoverwatch from your phone on your Hoverwatch account.


The Hoverwatch application has exciting features for parents who want to monitor their children, employers who wish to protect their data, or spouses who want to spy on their partners. Despite this, the spy software features are not as numerous as other software of the same type, such as mSpy. Before that, here is what you can do with Hoverwatch spy software.

Record incoming and outgoing calls

Using Hoverwatch, you can record incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone. Thanks to this, you can find out the numbers of the people who contact the target phone and listen to the different phone conversations there.

Consultation of SMS and MMS

Review of hoverwatch SMS spy software

Hoverwatch also offers you the possibility to spy on SMS, and MMS messages exchanged on the target phone. You will know what SMS and MMS messages your children, employees, or spouses are sending at any time. You will also be able to see the number where they send their messages. However, you will not be able to block these numbers or view previously deleted messages.

Access to phone media content

Hoverwatch gives you access to various media contents on the target phone, be it photos, videos, audio, or documents. If you have a child with a smartphone, this feature can be handy for you, as it allows you to see the different files that your child is interested in.

Instant messenger monitoring

Hoverwatch spy software also claims to have features regarding instant messenger monitoring. In fact, after our test, we could see that it allows you to watch some messages on applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Viber. However, you will not be able to listen to video calls or control these applications (blocking, deleting messages, etc.).

GPS location of the phone

Finally, if you want to know where the target phone is at any time of the day, you could activate the geolocation feature with Hoverwatch.


As we said earlier, Hoverwatch spyware is not a free application. However, its price is quite affordable compared to other spy software. In fact, for less than $19.95 per month, you could subscribe to the personal plan that allows you to monitor one phone. If you want to spy on more than one cell phone, the family plan of $39.95 per month or $199.95 per year allows you to access five mobile devices or computers. Finally, if you need to spy on a large number of phones, you can sign up for the $149.95 per month or $499.95 per year plan, where you can spy on up to 25 devices.


However, after our test drive, we could see that the functioning of the Hoverwatch is not quite up to scratch. Here are some of the negative points you might see when using it:

The unpredictable shutdown of the software

Sometimes the Hoverwatch software suddenly stops or stops working. We tested it for a few days, and then the application stopped: no more call or SMS recording, no more spy reports, nothing. The spying was good initially, but after that, the software wasn’t of much use anymore.

A very slow update

When Hoverwatch does an update, it takes a long time. The first update took us about 12 hours. After that, we turned off the automatic software updates.

Resistive customer service

Of course, because of the various bugs in the spyware, we informed customer service. Unfortunately, we did not receive a response from them. The customer service to the public reviews issued by Internet users on their official sites or platforms selling applications remains very resistive when contacting them privately. Because of this, we had to uninstall Hoverwatch without a refund.

How to install Hoverwatch? Check this video

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