Phone monitoring tool KidsGuard Pro, remote monitoring of children’s phones at any time without jailbreak

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, whether iPhone or Android, which has become a must-have, daily tool. Even the kids at home use their phones or tablets, which makes many parents worry about their kids’ friendships and want to know what photos and videos they take with their phones, which places they frequent, and who they talk to on the phone.

KidsGuard Pro is a security monitoring product for parents. You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android to use it. You can use your browser to monitor your kids’ iPhone and Android devices at any time, and you can monitor their current location and where they’ve been in real-time.

In this way, children do not have the right to privacy. This is actually for parents to monitor students in elementary, junior high. After all, in high school in real-time, these young children still do not know right from wrong, it is likely to make bad friends, strangers, or go to wrong places, can give parents more peace of mind through this service to achieve the safety mechanism.

Some people may also want to use KidsGuard Pro to monitor their significant other’s phone or boyfriend’s phone. But the prerequisite is to inform the other person first, as to whether or not to tell them in advance is not very relevant to this article!


If you want to use KidsGuard Pro, you need to have several restrictions to use it properly.

You need an iCloud account and password.

If you want to monitor each other, you need to get the Apple ID and password, such as family, children, parents, husband, wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend.

Double authentication through iOS

Since iOS 11, the system will automatically force dual authentication. After getting Apple ID and password, you need to pass the second authentication mechanism to access usually, and the process only needs to be done once. The fastest way is to directly create an “App password” to eliminate the need to monitor the device and request authentication.

After reading the above two points, the KidsGuard Pro service obtains Apple ID information regularly, not through the iOS vulnerability, so you don’t need to rely on the jailbreak to achieve it.

How to use KidsGuard Pro

1. Create an account and subscribe to the service

KidsGuard Pro is all web-based, no need to download and install additional apps, so you can monitor your iOS or Android device at any time by opening a browser on your computer or cell phone and logging into the KidsGuard Pro website.

In this article, let’s take iOS devices as an example, log in to the ClaveGuard website and click “Register” to create an account first.

The price is divided into one month, three months, and 1-year plans, if you want to save money, you should buy the 1-year program, which is only $8.32 per month (about $254), each account can only track one device, but you can change it to follow another one at any time.

In addition, this site also offers a 20% discount code for readers: TTE-SED-AFE.

2. Set up monitoring iOS devices and login iCloud account

After selecting the plan, you can start to choose the device system to be monitored, this time, we use iPhone as the teaching tool, so we choose iPhone/iPad.

You will need to authenticate your iCloud account, so enter the iCloud account and password of the device you want to monitor.

If you have enabled AppleID dual authentication, you will need to enter the verification code first, which requires you to get the other device, and it will show Apple ID near Portland to request a login.

Once you have logged in, you will receive a notification letter that your Apple ID has been used for logging in to iCloud on your web browser, which is a reminder of your account security.

3. KidsGuard Pro Tutorial Tips

After logging in to your KidsGuard account, you will see the dashboard interface with all the function menus on the left side and details of the monitored target devices on the home page. If you find the update time is longer and want to catch the latest information, you can click “Sync” directly.

The iCloud account information is monitored device information on the dashboard, and the last location of the monitored device will be displayed.

From the left side, click “Local Files” to open the menu of remote device monitoring functions, such as contacts, photos, videos, location, calendar, reminders, memos, all can be monitored by the KidsGuard Pro webpage.

Here are the options to introduce.


It can display the current contact information of the monitored device immediately, so you can check the existing contacts without getting the device.

Photos and videos in real-time

With the “Photo” or “Video” function, you can instantly view all the photos and videos that have been synced on iCloud and even download them to your computer.


You can choose the device you want to track the location of, such as iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac computer can instantly know the location, and also according to different time record, the map is combined with Google Maps.


All calendar entries and times are displayed, and if you have set a location and a memo, you can also find it.


Any events recorded in the reminders can also be displayed.


KidsGuard Pro can also display any text recorded in the memo.

iCloud Drive

Any data stored on iCloud Drive can also be viewed instantly with KidsGuard Pro and even downloaded to your computer.

Data Export

With the Data Export feature, you can export your contacts, calendar, location, memos, and reminders to your computer and save them in CSV format.


Finally, in the settings function, you can add another device or contact customer service for a solution if you have a problem with the system, or even check when your current plan expires. The renewal function will be activated automatically by default. Of course, you can also renew or cancel the renewal in advance or even directly delete the account.

KidsGuard Pro Summary

After experiencing KidsGuard Pro, this tool is the best tool for monitoring iPhone and Android devices. Still, if you want to read the records of LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, QQ, Kiki, and Voice over the Internet, you will need to wait until the end of April to update such features.

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