MobiSpy is one of the most widely used spyware programs of our time, just like mSpy or Spyzie. MobiSpy has a functional interface that allows us to monitor another phone from a distance actively. Parents will find a great ally in this software that will enable them to know their children’s movements and the activities they carry out inside the phone. However, MobiSpy is also suitable for anyone who wants to spy on another phone, which may belong to their employee or their spouse. If you want to know a little more about this surveillance program, find out our review of Mobispy spy software in this article.


As its name suggests, Mobispy spy software is designed for mobile devices such as iOS phones or Android smartphones. Its installation is simple and does not differ too much from other spy software.

To get started, you need to create a Mobispy account on the official website of the application. Fill in your email address and password, and then confirm the validation of your account. Then choose the offer where you want to submit to spy on the phone remotely. Don’t forget to put your personal information in your Mobispy account.

Once the account is created with the subscription you want, take the target phone. From Playstore or Apple Store, download the Mobispy application to the target phone. Open this application and proceed to link your Mobispy account with the target phone. Finally, put the application in the background and return the phone to its owner.

From there, all you have to do is log in to your Mobispy account from your phone or computer and start spying on the target phone.

Note: To install the spy software fast, make sure the target phone has enough space. This will also avoid bugs later on.


MobiSpy software offers us several exciting features in terms of remote phone monitoring.

Call recording

With MobiSpy, record all incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone. You could listen to the conversations made by the person you are spying on. In addition, you can also view the call logs to see who your target is talking to the most. If a number seems suspicious, block it remotely.

Track text messages

When it comes to SMS and MMS monitoring, Mobispy offers quite advanced features. Apart from the ability to view all messages in the target phone (sent messages, received notes, drafts, archives, etc.) and see who they are intended for, you also can read messages that have already been deleted from the target phone.

Know the GPS location

The GPS location feature of Mobispy software allows you to track the GPS location of the target phone. Thus, you can know the location of the person you are monitoring at any time. This option is still very beneficial for parents who want to ensure that their children are where they should be.

Network monitoring

Mobispy also informs you about the different networks the target phone is connected to. So you would know if this network is “normal” or if it is potentially dangerous. To top it off, Mobispy can even provide you with the wi-fi password of the web the target phone is connected to.

Access to multimedia files

Access different multimedia files on the target phone using Mobispy! You could browse image files, video files, audio files, and documents. In some cases, you can even block a media file from being shared on social networks, Bluetooth, or xender.

Spy on instant messaging applications

With Mobispy, you could also spy on some instant messaging applications, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You could watch who your target is communicating with and what messages they are exchanging. Spying on instant messaging applications even allows you to block specific contacts.

Internet browsing observation

MobiSpy has a parental control capability that allows you to monitor internet browsing on the target phone. For example, you could check the browser history and bookmarks and block access to specific websites.

Keylogger functionality

Finally, the spy software has the Keylogger feature, which automatically records the keystrokes made by the target phone. With this Keylogger property, you could even insert keywords and be notified when these words are typed on the target phone’s keyboard. The Keylogger feature is handy if you want to know the passwords.


After trying the Mobispy spy software, here are the main strengths we found.

Compatibility with several devices

Mobispy is a multi-device compatible spy software. The targets can be Android or iOS phones, while the spy account works perfectly on mobile and computer.

Attractive price

The price of Mobispy is also beautiful, as you could use it with a base of about 20 euros per month. This price can be lowered if you decide to extend your subscription to quarterly or yearly.

Easy to use

Finally, Mobispy is very easy to use. The spy software can be used by anyone with basic knowledge of how to manage an online account.


Despite its features and strengths, Mobispy also has some drawbacks.

Some bugs during use

When using it, you might have some bugs, especially during data loading or software updates. This will slow down the speed of the application.

Root or jailbreak the target phone

On some devices, the installation of Mobispy spy software requires rooting or jailbreaking to enjoy all the features.

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