Mobistealth test report: What you should know

Mobistealth is practically an overall carefree package: With the software, you can perform extensive monitoring of notebooks, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Use the tool to record keystrokes, monitor Skype, WhatsApp & Co., check the browser history, and more. Mobistealth is compatible with virtually all currently relevant operating systems for mobile and stationary devices.

Why Mobistealth?

Mobistealth is a program that lets you monitor various activities on endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktop PCs. This also allows you to check people who use these devices at the same time. Attention: Keep in mind that you cannot use Mobistealth in Germany without informing the target person in detail about these activities beforehand. The only exception is if you are using Mobistealth to monitor children whose legal guardian is yourself. In all other cases, you must first ask for permission or even have written consent forms (in the work environment).

However, the use of Mobistealth does not end with your children: For example, monitor whether employees in a company are following the rules or prefer to spend half the day on YouTube. After a bit of research, many of these uses emerge – but monitoring your relationship partner, for example, is not one of them. Consent must always be given. As long as you adhere to it, you have nothing to fear. The use of Mobistealth is then legally no problem.

Where can I use Mobistealth?

In general, the developer provides the program for various end devices. These include:

  • In its current state, Mobistealth supports all Android devices from small manufacturers and big names à la Samsung, LG, HTC, and more. If you want to use the app for iOS devices, it must be at least version 9.0 of iOS. If the target iPhone is jailbroken, only devices with iOS 9.3.5 or lower are supported. There is also support for BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian.
  • For stationary devices, Mobistealth is available in variants for Windows and macOS. Use cases cover monitoring of children in the home, for example, but students in classrooms can also be kept under control, as can employees in offices. Mobistealth supports all current versions of these operating systems out of the box.
  • Since iOS and Android are also used on tablets, Mobistealth can also be used on these devices as long as a compatible version of the operating systems is installed.

Mobistealth features

Mobistealth offers an almost unmanageable wealth of functions to interested users. We have listed them briefly and concisely here. Conveniently, Android and BlackBerry smartphones don’t need to be rooted to give you still access to all the features:

Audio recording

When needed, Mobistealth records calls, which are then uploaded to your account. Later, you can listen in and find out who talked to whom and when and what the content of the conversation was. This function is also available for ambient noise: You activate the microphone and hear everything that happens near the phone. This means that you listen to conversations and sounds, which can help find out the user’s location. These recordings are also later archived on your account.

Instant messenger monitoring

You can also monitor the most popular instant messengers using Mobistealth. These include programs like Viber, KIK, LINE, WhatsApp, Skype, and others. Among other things, you get insight into conversation histories and the associated contact information of the participants. The app also supports group chats. In addition, exchange files such as documents or pictures can also be sent to you if required. All conversations can also be sorted by date to putting history in a logical order within an app. However, you cannot join live video chats.

Position monitoring

You can find out where a target device is (and thus usually the phone owner) by using this feature. With this, Mobistealth uses GPS technology in the smartphone and regularly sends data to you. Regularly, in this case, means that you can either track the target’s position life or track it later using a log. The data can also be inserted into interactive maps so that you can see the exact route. Disabling GPS would not help the target, as you can also re-enable GPS remotely through Mobistealth.

Ion can take a lot of time, as videos can reach extensive file sizes under certain circumstances. Both functions are also available for pictures and videos that the user receives via instant messenger.

Mail view

You also have an overview of various email services like Gmail with Mobistealth. For example, you can use the app to check the sender’s name, receipt data, or subject lines. If you want to find out more, you can also read the entire content of an email. Attachments up to a specific file size can also be sent to your account with the program. This feature is available not only for all emails since Mobistealth was installed but for all mails in the target’s inbox without exception.

SIM and deletion features

If required, Mobistealth will inform you when the owner changes SIM cards. This can have significant advantages in case of theft because a change of SIM card practically always takes place. You will receive the notification immediately in this case. If you suspect that an unauthorized person has gained access to the smartphone and wants to protect your data, you can remotely reset the phone to factory settings and thus delete all data.

Other features include monitoring installed apps and uninstalling them remotely if you want. Overall, you get a very comprehensive package of different parts at a price ranging from $16.66 to $40 per month (depending on the system you choose and the exact version of the program).


Mobistealth is a versatile program that works unnoticed in the background, collecting an almost unmanageable amount of information. The price of the tool does not turn out to be higher than that of the competition. The support for even supposedly outdated operating systems like Symbian and BlackBerry OS is also exemplary. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful tool to monitor other people or their devices, you certainly won’t make a mistake with Mobistealth.

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