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What does PhoneSheriff cell phone spy software do?

PhoneSheriff is designed for all phones compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Symbian and is a cell phone spy software. The software provides you with detailed phone logs, SMS reports, photos, and videos, Internet logs, address books, and more.

It also offers some additional functions. For example, you can block websites or apps completely and filter data, and set up keyword alerts. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to lock or retrieve your phone, PhoneSheriff offers GPS tracking and a lock function.

And can PhoneSheriff keep up with software like mSpy and Mobile Spy? Find out in this review.

What is essential for you to keep in mind

Be aware that you might violate privacy laws if you use the mobile spy software on other devices. Before you install the application, make sure that all the rights are yours. In case the phone is in your possession, no problems will arise. If you want to install the application on another phone, make sure you inform the owner about it. Because by installing it, you will also have the possibility to be informed about all incoming and outgoing calls and see how the owner uses his phone. In addition, to call information, you can see memos and notes, emails, or even notifications from Facebook, Twitter, or other accounts.

The functions of PhoneSheriff

All activities on the cell phone to be monitored are recorded and logged. The monitored data can then be viewed on PhoneSheriff’s online account. Even if your children or co-workers delete photos, text messages, emails, or other data, the content is still displayed in the log and available to you.

PhoneSheriff offers both call and text monitoring. You can view detailed information about the date and time of incoming and outgoing calls from both the sender and the recipient. Furthermore, of course, the duration of the phone calls. In the SMS logs, you can see the texts of the messages that the phone receives.

In addition to the essential functions, you can view all the photos or videos that the phone receives or sends. You can view the emails and websites accessed. PhoneSheriff cannot consider only a calendar update.

Locate phone number

Using the GPS tools that PhoneSheriff offers, you can get detailed logs of the phone’s location. The log contains the GPS coordinates. The tracker records the date and time to the coordinates so that you can determine the position on a map with markers at any time.

All logs can be saved as CSV, XLS, and PDF files. You can display them as graphs, lines, donuts, and pie charts. This gives you an overview of which phone number is called the most or to whom SMS and emails are sent. Furthermore, you can see which apps are called and used at which time and on which date.

One of the unique features of PhoneSheriff is the keyword alert. By entering keywords such as “drugs,” “gambling,” or “violence,” you can activate a notification function. If a text contains one of the defined keywords, the software sends an immediate email notification. But safelist sites can also be created, giving the user permission to access the approved sites.

With this cell phone spy software, you can block phone numbers from calling or sending SMS. But you can also block websites or prevent downloading and running certain apps that you set in advance. But you can also set up user restrictions quite easily. For example, you can completely lock the cell phone during school, working hours, or at night. During this time, the owner can neither make calls nor receive or send messages.

For an overview, you can also filter all the data that PhoneSheriff collects. This feature gives you an overview of all texts, emails, calls, or other information for specific phone numbers and contacts. Most applications you will find on the market do not support this feature. Of course, all the data that PhoneSheriff sends to your online account is encrypted. You don’t have to worry about hackers or cybercriminals.

If the phone is lost, you can easily find it again using GPS technology. The tracker function updates the location every 15 minutes. But this feature is only available on GPS-enabled devices. To see it, you can also play a sound in case you ever misplaced your phone nearby.

If someone removes your phone’s sim card, you will be immediately notified by the phone tracking software via email. If someone changes the SIM card of the smartphone, you will also receive reports about it on your online account.

If you ever need to lock or wipe your phone, PhoneSheriff can activate this remotely. You can track or wipe the smartphone and check if the SIM card is still where it should be. And all this from your online account.

On PhoneSheriff’s homepage, you’ll find instructions and everything you need to set up the program. A knowledge base of tips and tricks, as well as a detailed FAQ section, can also be found there.

The device requirements that the smartphone should bring with it can also be found there. This way, you can make sure that your phone is compatible with PhoneSheriff and that it works. You can also set up a demo account on the homepage to see what you can do with PhoneSheriff and how it works. Once you have set up an online store, you can contact the company by mail, phone, or live chat. Especially in the online chat, you can be helped with your questions quickly and easily.

Summary of all critical functions

PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring software offers many features and logging functions that are second to none. The software provides significantly more features and parental control functions than most similar applications.

The phone tracker software can remotely activate actions such as locking or wiping the phone and works with almost all operating systems.

Are you looking for software to track your children or your employees, then the PhoneSheriff cell phone monitoring application is just what you need. PhoneSheriff offers all the features you need and is easy and comfortable to use. Test the functions by creating a demo account on the homepage and let yourself be convinced by the elements.

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