Movistar Qustodio: Movistar internet parental control

What is Movistar Qustodio?

Movistar’s Qustodio Premium is the parental control service that Movistar offers to those who have contracted an Internet tariff, with which they will be able to control their children’s use of the Internet.

This service, previously called Protege Movistar, will allow parents to set usage limits, activate and deactivate applications, allow access to certain content and even know the exact location of their children.

The price of the Movistar Qustodio service is €3.50/month, but if you sign up now with Movistar, the first month will be free.

Movistar Qustodio: Movistar parental control features

Contracting Movistar Qustodio will help you protect your children from inappropriate or dangerous internet content, as well as create healthy technology usage habits.

With Movistar Qustodio Premium you can:

  • Limit the use of games and applications.
  • Manage your children’s use of the Internet.
  • Know what videos and applications they are watching.
  • Know your children’s location.

You can also activate parental control in Movistar+. With the Parental PIN, you can control the content your children watch on Movistar TV.

Who can sign up for Movistar Qustodio?

All Movistar customers with a Movistar Internet tariff or any of the Fusión tariffs can sign up for Qustodio Premium.

In addition, it is essential to have a mobile line, although it does not have to be with Movistar. Movistar will send you an SMS to your cell phone to create your Qustodio account.

How to sign up for Movistar Qustodio?

You can sign up for Movistar Qustodio with a simple phone call to the toll-free number 900 300 051.

You can also do it from the operator’s website or your Movistar customer area.

Activate the Movistar Qustodio parental controls

After signing up for Movistar Qustodio, you will receive an SMS on your cell phone so that you can create your Qustodio user account. Click on the link in the message and fill in the questionnaire. This way, you will have created your user account.

Download the Qustodio application on those devices where you want to set up parental controls. You can do this on up to five devices and also on your device so that you can manage all your children’s Internet activity from your smartphone.

Next, configure the devices on which you have installed Qustodio so that your children can use them safely.

Deactivate Movistar Qustodio

To remove Movistar parental control on your children’s devices, you can unsubscribe from Qustodio at any time.

You can deactivate the parental internet control from your Movistar customer area or call the Movistar customer service number.

From the moment you unsubscribe, your Qustodio user account will be suspended, and you will not be able to access any of your children’s activity reports.

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