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Do you want to monitor certain cell phones or computers and be up to date about everything going on? Then a monitoring software would be just the right thing for you! These have long enjoyed a boom in our technically fast-paced times. A pioneer in spy apps is Spyera – software that is of high quality and discreet and has several exciting features to offer. In the following, we will introduce Spyera in detail and give you insight into essential elements, the pricing, and the advantages and disadvantages.

Before we get into the specifics of Spyera’s features, we first need to discuss a few basic questions about spy apps. In what situations is it legal to resort to surveillance software, and when do you even make yourself liable to prosecution? You are only allowed to monitor cell phones or computers if you are the owner. At first glance, this may sound a bit pointless, but a closer look reveals this supposed contradiction. Spyera (and other providers) is recommended if you want to monitor and protect your children, for example. In this way, cyberbullying or other crimes can be effectively combated in advance. Employers can also use this software to prevent data theft. Nevertheless, it would be advisable to inform employees about the potential spying because otherwise, it would be a gray area. One thing is clear: intelligence must only take place legally if you do not want to be prosecuted.

Which devices is Spyera compatible with?

Monitoring your children or keeping an eye on your employees: Spyera is a reliable partner for these fields of application, as a look at the performance of this surveillance software makes clear. At the turn of the millennium, Spyera first made a name for itself with this software. Intelligence agencies and governments made use of this system at an early stage. In the meantime, the company has followed suit and made its way into households and onto the smartphones of ordinary consumers. Spyera was developed to enable customers to spy on as many devices as possible. Accordingly, the app is compatible with several operating systems, including Mac devices such as iPhones or iPads, BlackBerrys, Android smartphones and tablets, and the Nokia Symbian. For those who want to use spy software via Windows-based laptops or PCs, Spyera is also the right choice. Installation is comparatively easy: the entire process is completed within two minutes. However, you need physical access to the target device for the installation.

What features distinguish Spyera from the competition?

The list of compatible devices is the impressive number of services that this manufacturer has provided for its clientele even longer than the list of compatible devices. Compared to other manufacturers, Spyera knows how to score with many features that are second to none for complete monitoring. First of all, let’s take a look at phone spying: In addition to the standard option of checking the date, time, and phone number of the call, Spyera also offers a live monitoring function. The highlight: You are informed via SMS as soon as someone starts a conversation with the target device. Similar to a conference call, you can now be connected to the call without the other participants getting wind of it. Currently, only Flexispy and Spyera offer this feature. However, the latter monitoring app has other unique features. The alarm functions are freely definable. What does that mean? Quite simply, if your name is mentioned in a chat or an email, for example, the alarm will go off, and you will be informed. It also gets exciting when you install Spyera on an iPad – but only for you because the other person doesn’t notice when you activate the video function and document everything that happens on video. And while we’re on the subject of digital recordings, let’s not forget the option of remotely activating the smartphone camera. No one will notice that you’ve thrown the camera into gear. The same goes for starting the microphone, so you won’t miss anything that happens near the phone.

All-round monitoring: What essential services does Spyera have to offer?

The described services distinguish Spyera from competing manufacturers to a large extent and ensure that this software is generally considered to be the ultimate in the field of espionage. Of course, the app also has other features that fulfill the status of all-around surveillance. You have access to everything that the target device has to offer. Calendar, photos, videos, sound files, contacts: Thanks to Spyera, almost nothing remains hidden! If you want to control your children, you will especially appreciate the overview of various online chats. From Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp and iMessage to Snapchat, you’ll always know what your kids are talking about and with whom. Even Viber and Skype conversations can be easily monitored – even via VolP, by the way. To prevent your kids from drifting in the wrong direction, it can also be helpful to know about their Internet history. Spyera can also access the Internet browser. We would like to recommend location monitoring for parents who would like to do without a few worry lines. Thanks to the GPS location query, you can find out where your offspring is at any time – in real-time, mind you! In addition, a password cracker is part of the Spyera package, which hardly differs from a conventional keylogger in the way it works. This means that the “cracker” intercepts passwords from the respective screen of the target device as soon as the software is installed. Incidentally, this also applies to social messengers. If the person being spied on becomes skeptical and replaces the SIM card, it won’t do any good because you will be informed about that.

How much will Spyera cost me?

One thing right away: the many features have their price. This manufacturer offers three-time frames. You can purchase Spyera for three, six, or twelve months. Four versions are currently available, of which the monitoring software for computers (annual price: 99 US dollars) and the Spyera app for tablets (annual price: 249 US dollars) are the cheapest. However, most users will probably want to access the target device with their smartphone and will therefore have to dig a little deeper into their pockets. Three months cost 189 US dollars, six months 289 US dollars, and twelve months 389 US dollars. Those interested in the all-in-one package can purchase all licenses on the Spyera website – for one year, the fun costs 489 US dollars, for two years 689 US dollars.


In terms of performance and variety, there is hardly any other monitoring software on the market that can match Spyera. The performance is impressive and differs significantly from the competition in essential details. Just take the live monitoring function or the freely definable alarm functions: In real-time, you can probably monitor more efficiently with this app than the employees of a private detective agency. Another advantage of this software is that it does its work entirely invisibly for the cell phone user. This is due to specific tools that are part of this package. Moreover, we are not currently aware of any antivirus program that would be able to detect Spyera. Finally, many users will like the option that the software can be installed on multiple devices.

However, as is so often the case, an advantage also results in a disadvantage because you can only control one surveillance at a time. Only when the job is finished, the next spying action can be started on another device. Moreover, it is not possible to install Spyera remotely on the device to be spied on. However, this should not be a problem, as long as you are traveling legally and want to inform the other person about the possibility of surveillance. Small deductions in the B grade are also made for the lack of parental controls, loss or theft (cell phone data cannot be deleted), and that Spyera is not compatible with Windows Mobile Phones. And then there is the main point of criticism: the price! If you want to spy with Spyera, you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket and fork out just under $400 per year (for the smartphone version). At least there is a ten-day money-back guarantee. Ultimately, you have to decide how much money professional monitoring is worth to you.

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