SpyMyFone – Powerful Parental Control App for Android and iPhone (Review)

Our parents tell us when we are children not to talk to strangers and avoid them at all costs. Today we live in a world where it is not impossible to interact with a stranger. With the advent of the Internet, it is now expected.

I am a stranger to you. You, as a reader, don’t know who I am. You only know my name. I can’t tell you either. You don’t see the person you just responded to on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Most of the time, you’ll be lucky enough to meet “good” strangers on the Internet.

The other times, not so much. We, as adults, can handle a situation where we know our interactions aren’t going the way we want them to. But what about our kids?

Predators have been lurking on the Internet since the day it began. They hide in the darkest corners of the web and sometimes in plain sight. And one of these predators might try some interaction with your unsuspecting child. It’s also effortless to expose yourself to the nasty side of the Internet.

There is a time for everything, and you, as a parent, have a responsibility to make sure your child is not exposed to such things before the time comes. So how do you know who your child is talking to, and are they safe from the dangerous aspects of the Internet?

Read on to find out how you can protect your children using SpyMyFone parental control apps available for Android and iOS devices.

SpyMyFone Review

SpyMyFone is a potent and convenient tool that can help you track the activities of your children and family members. It comes with many useful features and is one of the best phone spy apps available on the market. SpyMyFone has its web version where you can track all the target phone activities directly from your web browser on your laptop or desktop computer. They even have an app that you can install on your phone to monitor the target.

You must use SpyMyFone at your discretion. Always make sure to take the consent of the other person before installing the device on their phone.

If you are a parent or guardian, make sure you are protected from state laws. To be on the safe side, you can always tell your children that you will monitor their activities for their safety and well-being.

SpyMyFone Features

SpyMyFone comes with an extensive library of different tools and features that will help you closely monitor your child’s activity. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

You don’t have to root your Android phone for SpyMyFone to work. With SpyMyFone, you can track the activities of multiple phones at the same time.

Here are some of the versatile and easy-to-use yet powerful features of SpyMyFone:

Monitoring phone calls and text messages

SpyMyFone Features

This is the most basic but most important arsenal in SpyMyFone’s arsenal. You can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls from the target’s phone and the exact time the call was made. If you have an employer base, this feature can be specifically helpful to prevent your employees from leaking potential company data to outside sources.

It also monitors text messages and even allows you to read the content of incoming and outgoing texts. SpyMyFone even enables you to see all the contacts present on your target’s phone, so you can find out if there is anyone suspicious in your child’s address book that shouldn’t be there.

Monitor online Messenger applications

SpyMyFone Features

With the advent of social networking and ease of use, texting has become an online affair. With many messaging apps dominating the market, you don’t know who your loved one might be talking to. And the reach of social networking can quickly bring your child into contact with an online predator.

SpyMyFone can allow you to read all messages exchanged from almost all online messaging applications. It even allows you to download media files sent through these messaging apps to prevent your child from sending potentially harmful media to someone else or receiving something that is not appropriate for them. Some of the messaging applications supported by SpyMyFone are listed below.

Location monitoring

SpyMyFone Features

SpyMyFone comes with built-in location tracking services. It can track the live GPS location of the target’s phone at any given time. There is an additional feature called geo-fencing. With this tool, you can save a predefined area on your map. You will be notified as soon as the target phone leaves this predefined area. This tool is handy to prevent your child from any mishap. It is one of the most influential and valuable features of SpyMyFone.

Remote Control Services

SpyMyFone Features

SpyMyFone is one of the best remote control services available on your Android device. It can remotely control many aspects of the target phone and gives you full access to all its settings. You can set a specific time at which the device will be automatically locked.

This can be used to prevent your children from overindulging on cell phones. You can view all the installed apps on the target device to avoid any malicious adware from leaking their data. You can block such applications directly from the SpyMyFone control panel.

It also allows you to take screenshots directly on your device in question. SpyMyPhone even has a keylogger that records every key pressed on the device. You will receive instant notifications of any changes such as SIM card removal, location triggers, and many other things. This helps you make immediate decisions and actions based on the alerts.

Additional features.

SpyMyFone Features

Here are some more features that are pretty useful in SpyMyFone tool.

Read your target’s email: This is especially useful for preventing data theft in your company and avoiding possible abuse of confidential information.

Access browsing history. This will help you identify the websites your child visits. You can then make informed decisions about your child’s online practices and prevent misuse.

Access to media files: You can access photos, videos, and audios on the target’s device and look for anything that shouldn’t be there.

How to install and configure SpyMyFone on an Android device.

SpyMyFone for Android requires you to install its APK on the target’s phone. You can choose to hide the icon on the target phone if you do not want your child to know that you are monitoring them for security reasons.

We strictly recommend that you do NOT use this application without the consent of the respected parties involved.

SpyMyFone offers a browser control panel and application that you can install on your mobile device to access all the features it provides. You can sit at home on your laptop and access all the information from your child’s phone. Or you can go to work and still have access to all the features in your pocket.

To install SpyMyFone and start monitoring your children’s Internet practices, follow the steps below:

1. Register for the service

Visit SpyMyFone.com from your web browser. Choose the try now option to create an account and sign up for the service. Send an appropriate email as you will receive many important notifications directly to your email account.

SpyMyFone Features

SpyMyFone has a premium edition and an ultimate edition. The premium edition comes with a $29.99 monthly subscription but lacks essential features such as geo-fencing.

The ultimate edition comes with a monthly subscription of $39.99, and it has the complete set of features that comes with SpyMyFone. You can opt for the option that fits your requirements and budget.

2. SpyMyFone Setup Wizard

After subscribing to the service, you can now try it out by filling in the information about the phone you want to monitor. The first step is to provide a nickname for the target device. Then it would help if you mentioned the age of the person who has your target device.

SpyMyFone Features

Finally, please select the operating system they use on their phone. If it is an Android phone, choose Android. Otherwise, if it is an Apple device, select iOS (iCloud). Once you have completed all the options, click next to go to the next step.

3. Install SpyMyFone on the target device

The next step is to install the SpyMyFone application on your child’s phone. To install an external application, you need to toggle and make some changes in the settings option of the target phone.

First, you must enable the installation of the application from external sources and disable the playback protection services. To do this, follow the given steps.

Go to the Settings and search for “install unknown apps”. From the list of applications, select the web browser you use to download the APK file. Enable the “allow from this source, “And now you are ready to install any downloaded application directly from your web browser.

If you are not sure which web browser you use by default, you can enable this option for all web browsers present on your phone.

Now again, in the settings menu, look for “Security” and open Security & Location. Now under Security Status, tap on Google Play Protect.

In the upper right corner of the Play Protect menu, click on the Settings icon and uncheck all Play Protect services.

Here you will need to uncheck the two options under General Settings Disable the “Scan device for security threats” and the “Improve detection of harmful apps” options.

Finally, visit fonetrace.com from your child’s phone, download the APK file and install it on the device you want to monitor.

4. Activate SpyMyFone on the target device.

Once you have finished installing the app on your child’s phone, you need to enable some settings for the app to access all the promised features.

First, you need to agree to the Privacy Policy and EULA of the SpyMyFone application to get started.

Now log in to your SpyMyFone account using the email and password.

As we have already disabled the game protection, we can skip the next step. Click on the Already disabled button to continue with the next steps.

After that, you will be prompted to use wifi Service to allow SpyMyFone to become a device management application. Click Okay to give it access.

Note: Here, the wifi service is nothing more than the SpyMyFone application. They have changed the name of the application name to trick the target user. Since the term wifi Service seems relevant to the key system function, the target user will never dare to disable it, just if he observes this unknown application with the most sensitive permissions enabled.

Then you will be asked to give it an Access Notification. You can see the wifi Service application and enable it to enable notification access for the SpyMyFone application.

Next, you must enable this app to give SpyMyFone complete control of the target device as a device admin app. Click on the Enable this device admin application option to continue.

You will receive an alert that the wifi service, SpyMyFone, will start capturing everything displayed on the screen. Click Don’t show again and then select Start now to begin the service.

Necessary: You must check the “Do not show again” box to ensure that this pop-up will never appear to the targeted user again.

You will be greeted with another screen where you can grant permission for different services such as location, calendar, call logs, messages, etc. Grant permission to all services to get full access to the device and have maximum control.

If you are using a Xiaomi device, you may need to enable the “Wifi Service” app under “Auto Power On”, otherwise the app will not run after restarting the device.

Finally, you will have the option to choose whether to show the app icon on the target phone or not. Selecting the option to hide the hero will make your child unaware that he/she is being monitored. You can choose the option you want.

Finally, click Start monitoring to take complete control of your child’s phone.

5. Accessing the target device remotely

You can access your child’s phone using the SpyMyFone dashboard. Once you have successfully installed the SpyMyFone application on the target phone, you can now log in to your account on the official SpyMyFone website.

Save or bookmark the page in your web browser to access and monitor the device anytime and anywhere you want. You can access all the different functions and tools from the left side of the dashboard. You can also add new devices to monitor or remove already monitored devices directly from the dashboard itself.

6. Delete the application

If you want to remove the SpyMyFone application from your child’s phone, you can do so by first disabling the device in your dashboard.

Go to your dashboard and then select the Untie option. This will unlink the target phone and delete all collected data. Remember that this step is not reversible, ensuring you are entirely sure before unpairing the target phone.

After unpairing the device, you must uninstall the app from the target device. You may encounter a notification alert that prevents you from uninstalling the application. SpyMyFone is now an active device management application and cannot be removed without special permission.

Click on the notification and toggle the switch next to the wifi Service application to remove SpyMyFone is a device management application.

Now try to uninstall the application again, and it should uninstall successfully.

If you have hidden the app icon while setting up the phone, go to the Settings phone and open All apps. Under this screen, look for the SpyMyFone app and uninstall it from your device.

Final thoughts on SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is a potent tool to prevent your child or loved one from being exposed to Internet indecency. It can spoil many attacks from an online predator. You can use it to monitor your employee base with your consent so you can be sure that there is no one in your company leaking data and other private information.

However, you must seek the other party’s consent before using SpyMyFone’s services. The dashboard is very convenient and easy to navigate. With a single click, you can access all the different aspects of the target’s phone.

It is fast, handy and the data presented is easily readable as it is shown in the form of easy-to-understand pie charts and graphs. The application provides you with regular and live updates so that you are always notified about your child’s whereabouts.

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