How to Use a Spyzie Application?

Nowadays, the smartphone is present in every moment of our lives. Therefore, many companies worry that employees and even parents have been concerned about the content on their children’s devices. That’s it, spy apps have been created that can track cell phones, such as contacts, messages, browser history, apps, etc. Spyzie is one of them, here we will do a review about this app.

What is Spyzie?

Spyzie is a web-based phone monitoring solution. You can use it to track many data, including Call Logs, Location, Applications, SMS and Phone Calls, Browser History, Videos and Photos, etc.

For parents who want to protect their children against threats on the internet or business owners who wish to monitor their employees, this software can be a good choice.

How does Spyzie work?

Spyzie is compatible with Android phones and tablets (Android 4.0 or higher), also available for iPhone and other iOS devices (iOS 10.0.0 or higher versions), with no need for root or jailbreak, so it is straightforward to use.

First, you need to create a Spyzie account. On the official website, click on “Sign up”, it is better to use an actual email address because you have to receive the critical information to download the application.

Since the installation process is a bit different on Android phones and iPhone, you can choose which one you want to track:

If You Want to Spy on an Android Phone

If You Want to Spy on an iOS Device

Spy on Android Phone

1. After registration, you will have two options to select, choose “Android” to continue. Then, install the monitoring application and configure the necessary settings on the Target Phone.

2. After completing the above processes, You can view the monitored data in the Dashboard. On the left of the Dashboard, you can see all supported features.

Spy on an iOS Device

1. After registration, You will need to select “iOS”, next, you do not need to install apps on the target device, but you must know the iCloud account name and password of that device you want to monitor, you also need to make sure that the iCloud sync and backup service is enabled.

2. If all things are ready, you can enter any browser or the Spyzie App using the account, on the left panel, you can click the icons to know the phone data monitored in real-time.

Tip: If the monitored Android phone or iPhone is turned off or does not connect to the Internet, Spyzie will not be able to receive the recent data to your Control Panel.

Is it Safe and Legal to Spy on Someone?

Actually, there are now many spy apps like Spyzie, which means that monitoring a smartphone is not that difficult: You only need to install the spy software on the target phone, and then you can easily spy on texts, calls, and much more from Whatsapp or other apps.

Is it Legal or Not?

Although most of the spy apps are designed for parents to monitor their children, they can also be used for various purposes such as:

For business owners, they can track employees if they must comply with company rules,

They can protect young people against online threats,

They allow you to find out if you have cheated in a loving relationship.

Each person has their own opinion about this type of product. Clearly, a spy application can help parents protect children, but you still have to check your local laws before using spy software because if you don’t have permission to monitor, it will be illegal.

Is it Safe or Not?

Spy apps can monitor all the activity of a smartphone, this means that the companies of this spying software can also access the data, so it is best to choose trustworthy and reputable companies.

Before installing software, visit the official website first to check the essential information. Usually, they offer support, finding the email, phone, remote assistance, or live chat. If you can’t find contact details, you need to watch out, which might be a warning sign.

To protect the security of your information, you can use software to backup your data regularly, here we recommend the best file manager – Tenorshare iCareFone. The software can manage your cell phone files and selectively backup device data.

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