Is TheTruthSpy secure?

Are you looking for a free spy app with TheTruthSpy we can monitor the conversations that our child has when connected to a messaging service like WhatsApp or Messenger

TheTruthSpy is an application that helps us to monitor our children when they are away from home, or you think they are victims of an abuser, with it, you can spy on WhatsApp conversations in search of cyberbullying, sexual predators, drug dealers, or any other type of problem on the network.

The best part:

  • It’s a free spy app.
  • It has a lot of features.
  • It’s fast and leaves no traces.
  • It has a very acceptable price range.

The worst:

  • The website is a bit outdated.
  • You have to manipulate the victim’s cell phone.
  • The refund policy is a bit abusive.

How to spy on a cell phone with TheTruthSpy?

TheTruthSpy is an application designed to spy on Android and IOS cell phones. With this app, you will monitor up to three devices no matter where you are. Although you will need to have physical access to the victim’s phone to complete the installation, we lose nothing by trying it as it is a free app. Its free version is called (TheTruthSpy Android Spy) and is not bad for everything it offers. This app incorporates up to 15 free features to start spying on a cell phone, among them is the ability to view messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, as well as the ability to view call history, track the location of mobile via GPS or listen to voice recordings.

One of its best features is the function capable of finding and extracting all the device’s information, which includes the ability to see the name of the mobile, the type of network used, battery status, model, operating system, IMEI, among other things. Each function incorporates a series of details that will help you monitor the phone in an improved way, for example, the call history gives us the possibility to see the type of call, the duration and exact time, the name, or the number.

In conclusion, few programs allow you to know all this without spending a single euro from your wallet.

In what ways does TheTruthSpy allow us to spy?

If we access the official platform and click on the Features tab, we will find all the functions that this tool allows you to perform, among which stand out:

Location Tracking: It is a function that allows you to follow a cell phone in real-time, you can also see the sites you have visited or even hide the location. This can come in handy in case of loss or for example if we are monitoring the location of our child.

SMS Tracking: This shows us both sent and received messages, as well as those that have been deleted.

Call Tracking: You can track calls by knowing the history of incoming, outgoing, and deleted calls, see the time at which it was made, record the audios and even make a fake call with an automatic response.

Contact: This allows you to see all the contacts stored in the device.

Internet Browsing History: It also shows us the search history and bookmarks hosted on the mobile to see what kind of sites our partner visits.

Videos, Photos, Audios, Notes: With this function, we can spy on the images, videos, audios, and notes of the device.

Social Messenger: You can read the chats of the leading social networks and messengers, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Hangouts / Google Talk, Kik, etc.

Surround Recording: This feature allows you to record the surrounding audio using the phone’s built-in audio recorder.

Security and Personal Use: A series of functions designed for our safety with which you can make backups, block phone numbers, notify SIM changes, or clean the device’s data.

What is customer support like?

The support is created to provide an effective solution for those parents worried about their children connected to the Internet all day long, offering a way to keep track of what they are doing from their cell phones. This is one of the highlights of ThetruthSpy, as it allows us to access a FAQ where the user will be able to find a series of questions and answers made by the users themselves. The technical support takes an average of 24 hours to respond to any comments made. It also incorporates sections directed to the technical part of the app, payment procedures, and other things. The detail is that its support is focused on only one language, and that is English.

Is it legal to use TheTruthSpy or not?

Using this application is legal as long as it is used for the purpose it was designed by the company: that parents can protect their children, and employers monitor the performance of their employees. In any case, you should never use these applications to spy on someone else’s cell phone without their permission, as you could get into legal and sentimental trouble.

If I decide to extend the functions, what is the price?

The service has three packages with different prices and functions, of course, the more complete it is, the higher the cost will be.

First, we will find the standard service, which has a price of $21.99.

In the second place, we will have the premium service that has a price of $25.99.

And in third place, you will see the best of all, the gold service with a cost of $ 30.99.

As a personal note, I advise you to hurry to test the tool because you only have seven days to ask for a refund in case of failure.

How does TheTruthSpy application work?

These are the steps you will have to follow to use all its functions:

  • Access the official website.
  • Root the device.
  • Download the APK.
  • Access your control panel to see how TheTruthSpy works.

Conclusions about TheTruthSpy

It can be seen that TheTruthSpy application is one of the best that exist today, not only for the various features but also for its value for money, being a completely free mobile spy program. Although it lacks some essential functions that we find in other paid spyware, we can see that it incorporates what is necessary to spy on your child’s cell phone in the premium version. In addition, it is one of the few services that allow us to monitor multiple devices paying the same price, are incorporated as a company under the nickname (WeySyS Company), and has a physical address, something that conveys a lot of confidence in terms of hiring these tools.?

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