Children today have unprecedented access to the Internet, information, and people. While this is great in many ways, it also puts them at risk. As parents, you have a responsibility to make sure they are safe from harm. And it’s thanks to spy apps like uMobix, that you get that control.

It’s an app that offers a complete set of features to monitor your child’s phone on any device (Android or iOS). It can also help monitor your equipment. The use of uMobix remains legal only in these specific contexts. Let’s find out the features and our opinion about this application together.


Spyware apps can help you monitor your children when you are not around. If you’re looking for a child monitoring app, make sure you rely on an app that offers convenient features. Let’s go through the list of uMobix features:

Call history monitoring

Track call history and find out the contact information of callers. View time stamps, dates and duration of calls without informing the target user of your phone/tablet. You can also view detailed information about caller types, including outgoing, incoming, rejected, or missed calls.

Text message tracking

Text message and SMS monitoring can reveal a lot about a person. For example, parents can use this feature to determine if their teens are involved in sexting with others. In addition, reading text conversations helps you explore the secret text abbreviations used by your kids and peers. It also provides the sender’s details, such as name or phone number, if they are not in the address book. All this information is provided in a list view.

Monitoring of social applications

Social apps hold millions of accounts. Everyone, including teens and adults, is active on social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, Tinder, Tik Tok, Skype, etc. You can monitor your kids’ social apps to find out the circle of online friends.

GPS location tracking

Kids walk around parks or playgrounds during their free time and even after school. To protect children from kidnappers, parents need to track where they are. GPS location tracking is a convenient way to track the location of children remotely. Unfortunately, the uMobix GPS tracking feature is only available for Android devices.

Photo / Video Gallery Monitoring

Media monitoring allows you to view recorded photos and videos from the target device’s media gallery. In addition, you can view recorded videos, captured images, and other media files directly from the gallery.

Browsing History Monitoring

Parents who are suspicious that their children are watching porn should start monitoring their children’s Internet history. Browsing history monitoring also helps parents develop cyber etiquettes in teens and tweens.

Other features

Other features of uMobix include keylogging or keylogger, contact book monitoring, email app tracking, notification alerts, device information, etc. So whether it’s online activity or offline mobile media, you can track it all with the uMobix app.


The provider of uMobix does not offer a free trial. You have to buy this application to use it. There are several subscription plans available:

Subscription plans for Android devices:

  • Basic plan: 27,99€ /month
  • Full plan: 54,99€ /month
  • Full plan: 89,99€ for three months (or 29,99€ /month)
  • Full plan: 159,99€ for 12 months (or 13,33€ /month)

Subscription plans for iOS devices:

  • Basic plan: 29,99€ /month
  • Full plan: 49,99€ /month
  • Full plan: 79,99€ for three months (26,66€ /month)
  • Full package: 149,99€ for 12 months (that is, 12,49€ /month)


The uMobix application is a high-tech innovation that allows parents to keep an eye on their kids’ mobile activities. It is new to the market but is quickly gaining popularity. The app provides quick and easy access to data collected from the target device compiled into summary reports.

uMobix belongs to the category of best-selling spy applications. It is cheaper than many similar programs. It is also fast and has a modern, minimalist design that is pleasant to navigate. Once configured on the target device, the application runs stealthily in the background. Moreover, it does this while remaining efficient with batteries and other resources.

It is the latest spy app with state-of-the-art mobile tracking and monitoring features. The uMobix helps you spy on Android and iOS devices in real-time.

uMobix is the only app that grants full access to a person’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Users can access anyone’s Facebook and Instagram, click any button, which means managing accounts, adjusting settings, adding friends, or removing followers.

uMobix is the only application that you can install without any obstacles in the way and monitor without any bugs. Therefore, getting started with the uMobix application is easy as it does not require any complicated hacking attempts.

The application provides innovative features, such as online status indicator (track when the user is online), real-time reports for android, YouTube monitoring, app activity tracking, etc.

Overall, uMobix offers the best value for money, being among the most affordable spy apps on the market today.

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