WebWatcher Application Review: WebWatcher Tracking Application

We decided to highlight all the peculiarities of WebWatcher as one of the leaders in computer and cell phone monitoring software in the following review. WebWatcher deserves your attention as it applies to PC and Mac, Android, and iPhone / iPad.

Having kids is like an extra job for parents, especially when they enter school. You start to worry about their chores and other school activities, as well as where they spend their free time. For business owners, the business is like a big family. So you need information about your employees when you can’t control them directly. Fortunately, there is a solution. A wide variety of call tracking and spy apps to monitor various devices keeps things under control.

Monitoring Application Audience and Pricing Policy

Over one million people use WebWatcher. The program’s audience includes two target groups: parentally motivated individuals and managers. WebWatcher technologies provide better visibility for both groups, a secure network, comprehensive options for monitoring data, including photos, and give nearly complete control of every device. This application is much more potent than other applications. This leads to the pros and cons of WebWwatcher. It is mighty, but also complicated and expensive.

The app offers licenses for PC, Mac OS, Android or iPhone / iPad for $99.95. You should pay an additional $9.95 to get a backup assurance program and have the ability to reinstall at any time. The unlimited updates package developed for mobile devices costs an additional $29.95 and offers a broader configuration. If you need to download saved content directly to your email, you need e-Notify for an additional $29.95.

Webwatcher features on different platforms.

WebWatcher Application Review

WebWatcher The program offers the same multiple functions for PC and Mac, while the mobile versions are slightly different. Here are the similar features of WebWatcher for Mac, PC, Android, and iPhone / iPad:

  • WebWatcher is protected against tampering.
  • The application displays the activity of the remote cell phone or other devices.
  • You receive notifications on the alert word.
  • It includes web support.
  • The application allows you to view the history of websites on multiple browsers.

To get a remote view of the target person’s activities, you need to install WebWatcher. You will need only five minutes or less for installation. The application does not appear in all places where it can be tampered with, such as Process List, Task Manager, Desktop, Registry, Notification Area, or Add/Remove Programs. To ensure proper use, a company requires a user to have both a password and physical access.

WebWatcher starts recording remote activities, then sends all monitored information to your secure online account. Then you can download the received data to any of your devices. If a user selects words as triggers, an application sends an email every time these words are viewed on the target phone’s screen or typed. Using this program, you will enter the website history in popular browsers. An excellent option here is that you will see the list of visited sites and the exact time and duration of their use.

Other features you get with an application installed on a personal computer

WebWatcher Application Review

WebWatcher covers all Windows XP and newer computers and all Mac OS operating systems from 10.8 onwards. As the vendor noted, compatibility with other operating systems is not guaranteed. However, it may be possible. WebWatcher’s features on PC or Mac include the above, plus the following:

  • You can see Web site searches on most search engines.
  • Just see everything that goes through the significant email and webmail programs
  • Skype tracking
  • Read all typed keystrokes, even deleted
  • Get information about instant messages and view them
  • Terminate any program with the program blocking option
  • Alert Word Screenshots
  • See reports on LinkedIn usage
  • Get feedback on Facebook Messenger and other FB activities.

It is easy to view bodies of text with a user-friendly interface and find all the necessary data on recipients, subject, day and time, etc. WebWatcher displays both sides of instant messages and chats conversations. The program covers all major messaging programs and web chats. You will not only see Facebook messages; the application allows you to receive notifications about Facebook account activities. WebWatcher on a PC or Mac will also take screenshots whenever alert words are used. If you want, you can search and read all keystrokes entered and even deleted. Finally, there is an option to block any program on the PC or Mac according to your wishes, on a set schedule or permanently.

What additional options do you get with the installation on Android, iPhone, or iPad?

WebWatcher Application Review

The powerful application gives almost total control of the device. You can:

  • View sent photos or photos from a camera.
  • See all text messages (SMS and others). This helps to prevent “sexting.”
  • Quickly see all calls log the history as if it were your phone.
  • Save deleted text messages (the basic version on Android; for iPhone, you need an additional package).
  • Know the GPS location of the phone immediately.

There are also advanced features available with the unlimited update package for an additional $29.95, such as GPS locations and deleted text messages from iPhone, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, installed apps, etc. The program is compatible with Android version 2.1 or later and iPhone iOS 6.0 or later.

When do you need to buy this application?

WebWatcher is far from being a simple application. It is a powerful tool for monitoring every bite of information passing through the target devices. If you need such an application for your investigation, the program is perfect for you. However, the proper use of the program is entirely for the users. Please do not abuse WebWatcher. If you have any questions or doubts about how it works in specific circumstances, consult specialists regarding conditions and compliance. WebWatcher can undoubtedly prevent many problems. One clever person said that it is better to overestimate the danger than to put children at risk — download WebWatcher to protect your child from significant threats.

You can also find more useful reviews of various spy apps on our website. They provide basic or advanced monitoring features for different purposes. Just choose the most appropriate one and start enjoying it!

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